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About Ana Miljkovic & Maxi Cuffini

Ana Miljkovic & Maxi Cuffini

My name is Ana Miljkovic Cuffini and I was born in Serbia in the city called Kragujevac. Very simbolical city in our country, representing great part of the suffering during the WWII, that is very much marked in our Museum "21st October" in Sumarice. I invite you to visit this remarkable city and the rest of our beautiful country, that never lost it's magic, even after the shocking NATO Bombing back in 1999. You will just love the nature and some incredible places like mountains and rivers that are intact and unusual serene places like no other.

My parents were hardworking class people that always teached me to work hard no matter what are the circumstances, as it is the only way to go through the life and to succeed trully. And I always looked up to them and did my best to make them proud. I even invented my first little business when I was 8 years old to contribute, by learning how to make the woven bracelets. It was such a fun time and I was able to get myself some great toys and sweets too with these amazing sales. Then I have realized how much I love selling and I just kept selling stuff for special events and holidays over years. All made with a lot of love and care- decorative stuff, like picture frames, decorative vassels, etc.

I remember the life was good when I was little, but then the political situation had changed and the life style wasn't the same. I guess this is one of the main reasons I started feeling trapped in my own country.
Anyhow the life went on and my love for reading and writting got me to choose the career of Language and Literarture in University of Pristina, the capital of Kosovo. Soon after I went there it turned out to be as the worst possible time, since the civil war just started in that area. My parents were very frightened of course and we all went through a lot back then. And as you can imagine, yes, we lived some really hard and sad experiences through the war…

After all these difficult years I have decided to actually leave my country and search for a better life and opportunities. And as usual my parents did their best to help me out and make this dream come true and here I am today! In one of the most beautiful places in the Caribbean! This paradise has completely changed my whole life in the best possible way. I felt in love with this place and with the love of my life, my husband Maximiliano Cuffini. Everything happened at the same time and it was one of these things when you understand that everything happens with a reason, we just have to follow our hearts no matter what. Couple of years later we got married and we never got apart ever since the begining of our journey together.

Maxi is Argentinian and the very best musician. We actually met at the very begining after our arrival to the island, on one of his ex-band's rock concerts in Puerto Bavaro, one of the first great restaurants at that time (2001). Anyhow his dreams also got bigger as his current career is film music composer and he is already involved in some of the new projects from one of the independent producers (from his native city Santa Rosa) and couple of others.

Even so he has a lot going on, he always finds the time to help me out to improve the website and add some new listings for you guys. So the search on our website makes it much better experience thanks to his great work and constant updates. And that is the main reason we are called AMC which stands for Ana Miljkovic/Maxi Cuffini, the super couple that takes care of your business and personal needs. We are in this together for you and we will always make sure to find the best possible property on the market, as if it is for ourselves. Our reality and transparency is that we can't sale you something we wouldn't buy ourselves. So we will always make sure to offer you only the best deals out there!

One of our greatest passions is that we also enjoy spending time in the nature and that is our biggest reason for purchasing this amazing land in the most beautiful area of Bani, with this incredible sea views and sunsets that leaves you speachless. Our next project is Eco Glamping and Camping and we are so exited to be able to invite all of our dear clients, as our VIPs to enjoy this amazing place very soon.

And here we are as your Real Estate Agents in the most successful and gorgeous place in the world! A country full of excitement and people from everywhere, with all these amazing projects and developers that share the same feeling of excitment.
There is no place like Dominican Republic and we will make sure to show you that, so please feel free to contact us and arrange an appointment to show you around.We have some great opportunities for your future investments, so don't wait any longer, the time to act is now!
Come and make this place your home too, it will change your life forever in the most positive way!

AMC Real Estate will make sure you get the best deal ever!
Call us today!

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